Unleash the power of your retail business

From procuring items to sales management and accounting, there are a multitude of tasks involved in any retail business. Zakya helps you manage all of them more efficiently and grow your business. Meet India's easiest retail POS.

Getting Started
Data security

Manage your inventory easily

Stay on top of your inventory by tracking which items are selling the most, what items you need to restock, and maintain required stock levels with powerful inventory features.

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Manage all your items in one place

Maintain a single repository of all the items you have in your store and across your branches and warehouses in one place. Track items coming in and going out with real-time inventory syncs across all your locations.

Inventory database

Track product movement easily

Assign unique serial numbers to track items from purchase to sale and group similar items by attributes like manufacturing and expiration dates for efficient inventory tracking.

Serialized item tracking

Reorder items at the right time

Enable reorder points for items in your inventory to ensure you always have stock on hand. Receive an email alert and a pop-up notification when an item reaches a particular threshold.

Reorder point notification

Create and sell item bundles

Group multiple variants of an item and bundle different items or services to sell them as kits. For example, you can group different books from the same author to create a composite kit and sell them at a discounted price.

Move items between outlets

Transfer items between different locations along with GST rates in Zakya. Initiate and record intrastate and interstate transfers with the same and multiple GST identification numbers.

Create invoices with GST rates

Add GST information for your inventory goods and services. Based on the type of item, you can select the appropriate tax slab, and the tax rate will be automatically added to the item and applied during billing.

GST tax information

Maintain accurate inventory levels

Adjust stock when an item is lost, goes unsold, or gets damaged to maintain accurate inventory levels. Account for changes in quantity and value of items and manage your inventory more efficiently.

Adjust stock levels

Manage item prices easily

Run discounts and promotions for your items easily with price lists. You can create a customized price list for a particular set of customers and even modify the price of items while billing.

Transfer orders

Bill customers quickly and effortlessly

Powerful features to help you conduct fast billing wherever you are.

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Add items to cart easily

Quickly bill customers by scanning item barcodes from your device's camera, by tapping and adding items from the item list, or by connecting to a barcode scanner.

Bill customers in preferred languages

Bill customers in the language you speak. The Zakya Windows billing application supports nine Indian languages including Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, and Gujarati.

Bill in your preferred language

Hold and recall bills

Hold an incomplete transaction while billing, proceed to the next transaction, and return back to the held bill to keep the queue moving without having to halt your billing for one customer.

Hold and recall bills

Customize sales receipts

Customize sales receipts with your store logo and other details such as email address, store address, and other branding elements.

Track cash flow in one session

Simplified cash tracking

Track all activities and transactions performed by a cashier or employee during a particular period. Monitor the cash flow for each session by recording the opening cash balance and closing cash balance along with change calculation, and cash return and refunds.

Customize sales receipts

Bill customers offline

Ensure uninterrupted billing even when you and sync back all the transaction details when your internet connectivity is restored.

Easy payment management

Accept multiple payment types easily and securely, and maintain a record of all sales and purchase payments.

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Accept cash and card payments

You can accept cash, credit, and debit card payments for your in-store sales. Zakya connects to popular payment providers such as Paytm, Pine Labs, and Phonepe so you can easily accept card payments.

Configure cash, card, and credit payments

Manage credit payments

Record transactions as credit sales for customers that wish to pay later. The bill and the amount receivable will be added to the customer profile. You can set credit limits for your customers and keep them informed of due dates.

Credit-based payments

Accept multiple payment modes

You can customize your payment method to accept various payment modes such as net banking, gift cards, check, bank transfer, and more.

UPI-based payment

Split payments into two or more modes

Allow customers to split their payment into various types such as card, cash, and UPI and keep track of the source of payment.

Customize different payment types

Accept UPI payments

Allow customers the convenience of paying you digitally via UPI. You can generate a dynamic UPI QR code or enable a payment terminal, like Paytm, for the purchase amount.

Build effective customer relationships

Record customer details and track their preferences and order history to deliver a more personalized shopping experience.

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Manage all customer details in one location

Maintain customer details centrally with Zakya. Record customer information during checkout and online, and maintain one common database.

Record customer details during billing

Import and export customer details

You can import customer details as CSV or TSV files and export customer details as password protected files in CSV, XLS, and XLSX formats and transfer your data efficiently.

Import customer details

Analyze customer buying preferences

View order information associated to customers when they shop with you in-store and online. View transaction details such as invoices, payments, sales orders, credit notes, and track all their engagements with your store.

View customer order information

Engage with your customers on multiple channels

Reach out to customers via email, WhatsApp, and SMS. You can notify customers about invoice details, payment reminders, payment thank yous, and online order status.

Centrally manage vendor information

Manage vendor information, items purchased, and their delivery status from one place.

View and manage all vendor information

Add multiple vendor and supplier details with overviews, billing and shipping addresses, and other details to Zakya and maintain one record.

Convert purchase orders to bills

Seamlessly convert a purchase order to a bill with a single click with the amount payable and due date, and keep track of the bill status whether it's open, overdue, partially paid, or fully paid.

Convert purchase orders to bills

Create purchase bills directly

For last minute purchases, you can record the transaction details and create bills upon delivery.

Create purchase bills

Get an overview of vendor transactions

Generate vendor account statements for a certain period with all the transactions, balances, and more and send it as an email or download it as a PDF or XLS file.

Create vendor account statements

Manage vendor credits easily

In case of returns, refunds, or over payments for items, you can add the amount receivable as vendor credits and use the credits for future purchases.

Manage vendor credits

Raise purchase orders

You can create a purchase order with a vendor by sending the items you want to purchase along with the delivery address and payment details. Based on item delivery, you can mark the purchase order status as received, partially received, or cancelled.

All your store hardware in one place

Get up and running with a complete POS system by connecting your in-store hardware with Zakya.

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  • Printer
  • Weighing scale
  • Cash drawer
  • Barcode scanners
  • Zakya connects to popular printers globally. Connect your printer to any sales app and print customer invoices instantly.

  • Zakya seamlessly connects with your in-store weighing scale. The POS will automatically fetch the weight of the item and compute the price so you can print it on customer invoices without manual effort.

  • Connect your cash drawer to Zakya and access money and checks stored during and between transactions, and after every session.

  • Connect a range of barcode scanners to Zakya and scan items to bill orders easily.

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Efficient multi-outlet management

Centrally manage all your stores and ensure an efficient sales process across each of them.

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Manage multiple outlets
Manage multiple warehouses
Add multiple users and registers

Manage branches

Manage all your outlets along with inventory and sales for each location with Zakya. You can add multiple branches and map one common warehouse or multiple warehouses to each branch and run reports across all branches to get better insights into your business.

Manage warehouses

Easily track inventory and move items between multiple locations and fulfill customer orders online and offline based on warehouse locations.

Add users and register 24/7

You can add additional users and registers as your business grows and manage their access levels with ease.

Sell online and fulfill customer orders

Take your first steps into the world of ecommerce with Zakya. Build a fully functional website and give your store an additional sales channel to accept orders over the internet.

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Build your website in minutes

Build your online store without any additional tech expertise using our drag-and-drop builder or select from a range of templates and open another channel for your customers to buy from you directly.

Fulfill customer orders easily

Deliver orders to customer locations or give them the convenience of picking up their orders from your store.

Sync online sales with other channels

Whether you sell from your physical store, online, or via mobile, all your inventory, sales, and customer data are always synced automatically with Zakya.

Keep your store open 24/7

With omnichannel selling, give your customers the convenience of buying from your store right from their homes at all times.

Powerful applications to run your entire store

All the applications you need to manage your store operations with ease.

Zakya POS billing application

This powerful and easy-to-use Windows, iOS, and Android billing app will help you conduct billing faster and keep the queues moving. Scan item barcodes, add customer details, accept payments, and even bill offline.

Mobile store

Reach out to a wider audience in your locality and enable them to purchase from you. Generate a unique mobile link that customers can use to browse through your inventory with their mobiles and have products delivered to their homes or enable in-store pick-ups.

Web application

Manage all your back-office operations easily with the Zakya web app. Manage inventory, sales and purchases, and customers, and view reports and dashboards. Identify where you can improve and manage your store more effectively.

Bluetooth connector application

Connect the Zakya POS billing app with any Bluetooth printer and start billing customers directly from your mobile.

Gain actionable insights into your business

Measure and improve your store performance with intuitive reports and dashboards.

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Gain actionable insights on your store's performance

Get an overview of your store's performance

Know what's happening in your store at a glance with key performance indicators. The centralized dashboard on the web app shows you metrics on your sales activity, inventory, product details, top-selling items, purchase and sales orders, and more.

Make data-driven decisions with reports

Zakya converts all your business data into easily understandable reports so you can make informed business decisions. View reports for sales, inventory, purchases, and more.

View important sales information

Slice and dice sales information with seven customizable sales reports: sales by customer, sales by item, sales by category, order fulfillment by item, sales by salesperson, sales return history, and packaging history.

View useful inventory metrics

Stay on top of your inventory with Zakya's powerful inventory reports. Get a detailed summary of your stock based on quantity ordered, quantity in, quantity out, committed stock, and others. View reports like inventory valuation summary, inventory aging summary, and more.

Stay updated on cash flow

View tabular reports of vendor balances, customer balances, vendor credit details, and payments made to stay updated on the cash flow in your business.

Track user activity

Keep track of all user activities and actions in your POS system and maintain a record of who has modified what and the reason for the same.

Create customized reports

Build custom reports by adding filters and data fields you want to an existing report. For example, you can build a custom report to view the quantity of items purchased with a specific vendor in different time periods.

Schedule and export reports

You can schedule reports daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually and add recipients to send them as an email automatically.

Integrate with your preferred tools

Extend the scope of Zakya to connect with your favorite business tools and fulfill customer needs.

Integrate with shipping carriers



Connect with popular shipping partners such as Aftership and EasyPost to ship orders directly to customers' locations and track shipment statuses in real time.

Manage accounting by connecting with Zoho Books



Manage your accounting seamlessly by integrating Zoho Books with Zakya and streamline your accounting process.

Connect to SMS gateways

SMS gateways

SMS gateways

Send SMSs directly from Zakya or connect to Twilio to send messages about transactions, payments, shipment details, and more to customers.

Connect to WhatsApp and send messages



Connect your WhatsApp Business account to Zakya and send messages regarding invoices, sales orders, payments, and marketing promotions. You can create and send messages in the language your customers prefer and always stay connected with them.

Data security and Product support

With Zakya, you get the best support and data security features.

High-quality support

Our support agents are available Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm via phone and WhatsApp to answer any questions you may have related to Zakya.

Self-service portal

Use the content-rich self-service portal to find answers to your questions and get started with Zakya in no time.

Complete data security

As your technology partner, we want to ensure two things: no ads and no access to your customer data. All your business data is stored securely on the cloud in our data centers.

Regular updates

We assure consistent performance improvements, feature updates, and bug fixes so you can deliver amazing shopping experiences to your customers every time.

Proudly made in India

Zakya is a subdivision of Zoho Corp: A cloud-based software provider with more than 25 years of experience.