Centralized control
Warehouse management
Secured operations

Manage your business from anywhere

Take control of your multi-chain business easily with access to comprehensive reports for sales, transactions, and stock across branches.

Get consolidated data from multiple branches

Eliminate the need to log in separately for each outlet. Save time by gaining a comprehensive view of crucial metrics across all branches in one place, facilitating quick and informed decision-making.

Centralized price changes from anywhere

Manage price changes for all branches seamlessly from anywhere, eliminating the need for individual store visits or manual calls. Streamline the process and ensure uniform pricing across outlets with centralized price management.

Gain targeted insights for each branch

Obtain detailed sales and analytical insights specific to branches by enabling branches and associating registers with branches. Generate customized reports effortlessly.

Seamless transactions with specific registers

Organize registers based on branches, facilitating easy identification and management of transactions associated with specific branches.

Stock sequentially and stay ahead of last minute hassles

Get proactive stock alerts via mail or SMS when a specific item reaches zero stock.  Make stock transfers between outlets by analyzing stock levels when there is an urgent need with the help of real-time data.

Get a consolidated view of branches

Control chain stores with multi-outlet management

Expand your business seamlessly by effortlessly creating new branches, optimizing operations, ensuring compliance, and tailoring branch-specific processes with unique fields, all in one integrated platform.

Expand your business with easy configurations

Upon creating the first branch, data gets mapped automatically from the existing store to the branch created to help in analysis and streamlining data for tax.

Mandatory GSTIN for compliance across branches

Mandate GSTIN for every new branch activation in Zakya. Ensure compliance for branch-wise operations by activating GSTIN for all the branches.

Swiftly adapt to changing business needs

Facilitate dynamic business scenarios like business expansion while maintaining control by creating, editing, deactivating, or deleting branches anytime, without hassle

Maintain data integrity in multi-branch setup

Manage branches that are no longer in use by deactivating or deleting them. Eliminate data discrepancies and have active, accurate, and reliable information in hand while managing multi-branches.

Create unique transaction series for branches

Distinguish transactions between branches with a prefix series specific to the branch for transactions including purchase orders, sales orders, and sales invoices, and identify branch-wise transactions with ease.

Streamline new branch creation

Fulfill demands seamlessly with built-in warehouse management

Meet customer needs by forecasting and replenishing branches based on demand with access to real-time reports across chain stores. Enable timely procurement from warehouses and ensure on-time delivery at branches.

Generate AI based packing geometry

AI-based package geometry

01Simplify your packing process by predefining product dimensions and weight with suggestions from AI-based package geometry so you can pack orders with the boxes available in the most optimal way.

Map multiple warehouses for branches

Create multiple warehouses for branches

02Map warehouses close to individual branches for inventory control, timely deliveries, reduced transportation costs, and faster restocking.

Inter warehouse stock transfers

Seamless transfers for balanced inventory

03Transfer products between warehouses or to your stores to meet fluctuating demands. Satisfy customer expectations by balancing stock levels effectively and on time.

Assign primary warehouse for every branch

Assign primary warehouses for branches

04Map multiple warehouses, while designating a primary warehouse for every branch that acts as the primary stock location to track stock availability easily and streamline stock allocation to meet demands.

Restrict user access for secure, centralized business management

Grant specific permissions based on the employee roles to ensure a streamlined and secure business operation. Provide centralized control for admins, localized control for managers, and role-based access to staff to simplify management and prevent unauthorized access. 

Grant role-based access