Mobile store

Central customer data for high visibility

Capture essential customer details such as names, mobile numbers, and email addresses to foster regular engagement, provide a unique experience, and track customer buying patterns and preferences all from a central location.

Import customer data in a click

Import data effortlessly from your previous POS systems with a one-click import feature. You can also export reports on-the-go with easy export options for targeted customer analysis.

Facilitate targeted engagement strategies

Categorize customers based on their GST registration status, business type, nature (wholesale/retail) and more. Segment each and analyze preferences and behavior to improve customer service.

Collect customer details with customized fields

Collect additional information from customers with custom fields and use the data for segmented marketing strategies. Collect multiple shipping addresses for customers, and enable them to choose their preferred location for delivery.

Attach files to collect essential information

Enrich customer profiles with support to attach relevant files, such as enrollment proof for students or medical proof of disabilities for individuals, as a reference to aid in more personalized interactions and better shopping experiences.

Eliminate duplications with unique fields

Ensure a clean and accurate customer database by preventing duplications with mobile number-based data maintenance. Always have reliable customer information without worrying about invalid data.

Import customer data

Efficiency in every business operation

Optimize business operations with Zakya's comprehensive features that help personalize customer service. Enjoy efficiency at every step for seamless retail management and a happy customer experience.

Informative comments for personalized customer service

Keep the staff informed with comments that include customer-specific notes related to how to serve customers and ensure the best customer service.

Configure customer-based credit limits

Ensure accurate billing and seamless transactions by customizing credit limits and discounts based on individual customers and save checkout time with automation to delight customers.

Share monthly statements with customers

Enhance customer convenience by sharing detailed monthly statements with customers through WhatsApp or email, ensuring quick access and reference at the palm of their hands.

Convert customer returns into credit points

Encourage repeat business by transforming customer returns into credit notes, so customers can use the points for future purchases, ensuring you never miss a sale even with returns.

Customized views for reports

Elevate customer experience with intelligent reports

Gain valuable insights from real-time reports available in Zakya and make data-driven decisions that directly impact customer experience. Drive more profits with data that helps business growth.

Customized views for reports

Get a snapshot of customer details with custom views

01Customize reports based on your business needs, gain quick insights, and simplify decision-making with access to a comprehensive, single-screen dashboard for a holistic and unified custom views of essential customer data.

Track customer journey

Analyze the customer's entire journey

02Get valuable insights into customers' diverse purchasing patterns by tracking their entire journey, including all transactions like orders, returns, and shipments, to have a better understanding with complete activity history.

Generate reports and statements

Instant reports to stay informed about customers

03Generate detailed reports on receivables, sales by customer, and monthly statements that help streamline and optimize business operations with smart data-driven decisions.

Perform targeted analysis

Perform targeted analysis on the customer balance summary

04Set a due period for credit bills, monitor customer balances with ease through a consolidated balance summary, and keep track of outstanding or overdue customer payments to manage finances efficiently.

Effortless online ordering using mobile store

Empower customers with the convenience of ordering products online from the store using the mobile store app. Let customers track their online and in-store orders directly from the app, helping them manage purchases effortlessly from their mobile.

Order online using mobile store

Enhance customer engagements

Attract new customers, create lasting relationships, and retain a loyal customer base by sending instant notifications, promotional SMSs, offers, festive sales, and keep them informed with store happenings.

Engage through multiple channels

Communicate with customers effectively through multiple channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, and email. Offer customer convenience with options that suit their preferences, contributing to improved business performance.

Gain transparency with automated messages

Send automated messages such as order confirmations, invoices, shipping notifications, and delivery updates, and keep customers informed at every step of their purchase journey without investing in traditional paper billing.

Customer-centric communication strategy

Respect your customers' preferences by using the communication preferences option to know the preferred channel of receiving notifications, with flexibility to enable/disable automated messages.

Turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers

Run targeted promotions based on customer preferences to create a buzz around special offers and store happenings. Keep your customers excited and engaged with updates and become their favorite shopping destination.

Stay connected with customers

Safe datawith a secure data management system

Protect customer data from unauthorized access with user role-based permissions. Implement password protection to restrict customer data file exports. Secure personal and sensitive information with encryption by marking them as personally identifiable information (PHI) or electronically protected health information (EPHI).

Secure personal information