Transform billing
Personalize experience
Useful billing features
Digital receipts
Mobile billing
Centralize sales
Credit transactions
Conflict orders

Transform the way you bill

Billing is effortless with Zakya. Streamline your checkout process and reduce wait times for customers.

User-friendly UI

Zakya's billing application is easy to use and navigate and requires no tech expertise for users to get up and running

Add items to a transaction easily with quick keys

Provide a fast checkout experience by tapping the appropriate quick keys to add items and services to a transaction. Zakya supports a host of customizable shortcuts your employees can use to bill customers faster.

Select a billing mode that's convenient to you

The Zakya desktop billing application is compatible on any device that supports the Windows operating system. Choose from different billing modes such as Standard and Touch for devices that need to be connected to a keyboard and touch devices, respectively.

Conduct billing in your preferred language

Bill your customers and print receipts in the language you speak and your customers prefer. The Zakya Windows billing app supports nine Indian languages including Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, and Gujarati. The entire user interface is also available in your native language.

Easy to use UI

Provide a personalized billing experience

Make customers want to come back to your store by giving them a fast and efficient billing experience.

Add items to cart easily

Scan item barcodes or tap to add items to a transaction easily. You can also quickly search for products item-wise and based on categories through a custom search and bill your customers faster.

Add customer details during checkout

Record customer information during checkout so you can personalize their billing experience every time they visit your store by printing their name and giving them targeted discounts.

Accept multiple payment methods

Never miss out on a sale because your store does not support a particular payment type. Configure cash, card, credit, and UPI payment types and provide a convenient checkout experience for your customers.

Personalize receipts with your branding

Add your company logo, name, and contact information to your printed bills and personalize the shopping experience for your customers by adding a thank-you message. 

Add items to cart easily

Powerful billing features

Complete transactions in seconds and ease the checkout process for your customers. Bill offline, hold and recall bills, manage returns and refunds, and more.

Bill customers offline

Bill customers even when you are offline

01Continue billing even when you lose your internet connection. All details related to the transaction are automatically synced when connection is restored. This is especially handy if your store is located in a remote location or if you experience frequent connectivity issues.

Hold and recall bills

Hold and recall bills

02Improve checkout by letting customers pause bills to retrieve missed items later. If an item is forgotten, pause billing, save the bill, and assist the next customer. Retrieve the saved bill when ready, ensuring seamless shopping.

Manage returns and refunds

Process returns and refunds efficiently

03Manage item returns and refunds by identifying the customer bill and making a note of the reason for the return along with the quantity of items returned and return status. You can make a note of the type of return as credit-based or amount-based.

Track session activity

Track sales activity for every session

04Manage cash flow for a particular session along with miscellaneous cash incomes and outcomes that occur in between shifts and sort out cash discrepancies. You can generate a detailed summary at the end of every session and have it sent as an email to the store owner or any concerned person.

Go green with digital receipts

You can get your customized bill template in the language you speak and have bills sent to your customers as an email, SMS, or WhatsApp message, saving printing costs and reducing environmental impact.

Send receipts as emails

Mobile-first billing

Simplify the way you bill and process checkouts anywhere in your store with the Zakya POS mobile app for iOS and Android. Whether you are managing peak hours or festive seasons, conduct billing effortlessly and provide an amazing checkout experience.

Conduct billing from wherever you are

Effortlessly conduct billing throughout your store using a dedicated mobile app, ensuring smooth operations during peak seasons and festivals. Simply download the app, scan item barcodes with your device's camera, select payment options, and print bills using a connected printer.

Efficient off-site billing

If you're running a retail stall at trade shows, exhibitions, or off-site locations, you can efficiently manage transactions from your device, eliminating the need for a dedicated billing station on-site.

Customizable user interface

With an easy-to-use app interface, you can start billing in minutes. Choose the contents of the screen and the item grid size, and customize the app UI to suit your business needs.

Seamless sync and offline mode

Whether you are billing from your mobile or at the counter, all your stock levels are automatically synced and all your transactions are updated so you know from which device the billing was conducted and by whom. The mobile billing app also works in offline mode, so you can conduct billing uninterrupted.

Conduct billing using your mobile

Centrally manage all your sales information

Gain real-time insights into the sales performance of your store by tracking order details and invoices that are created every day. Identify issues in orders, invoices, and packages and resolve them easily.

Centrally manage all transaction details

View and manage all sales orders

01Effortlessly manage sales orders from one platform, includingin-store, online, and mobile purchases. Access detailed order information like sales mode, date, location, and billing address. Send email order confirmations to customers and efficiently handle packages, shipments, and invoices all in one place.

Create invoices for sales orders

Create invoices for your sales orders

02Create invoices and track the payment status, due dates, and the branch in which the sale took place. Convert sales orders to invoices for online orders and create invoices directly for in-store transactions seamlessly and view all your transactions in one place.

Track packages and their statuses

Track packages and view their statuses

03Easily create and manage packages for all your sales orders and view their delivery status in real time. Categorize packages according to their status as shipped, not shipped, partially packed, and delivered and track their movement.

Deliver customer orders

Fulfill customer orders

04Deliver packages manually or by integrating with shipping carriers and track their status in real time. There's also an option to group multiple packages as a single shipment.

Take care of all credit based transactions

For refunds, returns, and product defects, you can store the amount payable to the customer as a credit and allow them to use it in their next transaction. Easily track all your credit-based transactions and credit owed to customers and manage your sales effectively.

Manage credit based transactions

Manage billing discrepancies easily

Continue billing seamlessly even when there are discrepancies or issues such as inactive users, duplicate order numbers, or invalid data. To provide you with flexibility, such transactions are marked as conflict orders. You can save them as sales orders only after the issues are resolved.

Manage billing discrepancies