Configure payments
Digital payments
Payment reports
Centralize payment information
Mobile payments
Offline payments

Configure multiple payment methods

Cater to diverse customer payment preferences by processing cash, card, check, bank transfer, and UPI-based payments with Zakya.

Add different tender types

Set up multiple tender types in your billing app to suit your business needs: cash, card, UPI, bank transfer, net banking, and more. Zakya defaults to cash as the primary payment method, but you can reorder the remaining five for faster transactions.

Accept credit-based payments

Offer your customers the flexibility to pay later for their purchases at your store. Some customers prefer a monthly payment routine, buying all their household items at the beginning of the month and settling their bills by month-end. Keep track of these transactions and their payment due dates effortlessly with Zakya.

Split-based payments

Give your customers the convenience to divide their payments across different methods. They can choose to pay with a combination of cash, card, and UPI. For instance, if a customer's total purchase is Rs.5,000, they have the option to split it based on their preference, such as paying Rs.3,000 in cash and the remaining amount with their card.

Generate dynamic UPI QR codes

Connect to the PhonePe and Paytm payment gateways to generate a dynamic QR code for a particular transaction and provide a quicker checkout for customers who wish to pay using different UPI-supported apps.

Manage multiple tender types

Accept digital payments seamlessly

Connect to popular payment providers and accept online payments such as Wallet, UPI, and card to process transactions faster.

Integrated payments

Enable seamless payments by integrating with popular devices like Paytm and Pine Labs. Customers can choose their preferred method—Wallet, UPI, credit card, debit card, and more—and Zakya automatically syncs transaction data to the EDC device, eliminating the need for manual entry by your salesperson.

Process online payments easily

Integrate with online payment gateways such as Verifone, Razorpay, and Stripe to give customers the convenience of paying you with their debit and credit cards in your online and mobile stores.

Increase payment efficiency

View useful payment reports

Gain better insights into your sales performance and customer transactions by analyzing the payment received for every transaction completed and the refunds processed.

Track payments received

Get a detailed overview of all the payments collected over a selected period across all of your outlets. View information such as payment number, date, customer name, payment mode, payment type, and the total amount paid to track the cash incoming into your business.

Track customer refund history

View a record of all the refund transactions that happened in your store along with the date when the refund was processed, customer name, mode, and amount to maintain accurate financial records.

Track payments received

Manage all your payment information centrally

View all transactions that happen across all your outlets along with their payment details such as customer name, invoice, mode, amount, unused amount, and other details. You can similarly view the payments made to your vendors for all your purchases.

Manage your payment information centrally

Accept mobile payments easily

The Zakya POS application for Android and iOS allows manual payments: cash, card, UPI, and credit sale. Easily select the customer's preferred payment method, and all transactions are logged in the backend, along with cash flow, simplifying payment acceptance for salespeople.

Accept different payment modes

Process transactions when offline

Continue to accept manual payments even when your internet is down; all your transaction details are automatically synced back when connectivity is restored.

Process transactions offline