What does Zakya offer?

Zakya provides a modern POS solution for retail businesses, offering a 15-day free trial and Standard subscription options. With features for organization setup, inventory management, and seamless transactions across Windows, Android, and iOS, Zakya streamlines store operations. 

Zakya - a modern POS solution for retail business offers a variety of features to suit your business requirements. You can get started with a 15-day free trial before purchasing the Standard subscription of Zakya.

The trial period helps you experience all the features available in Zakya. Start by adding the basic information about your organization, build your inventory by importing items and item groups, manage purchases from vendors, and record sales using the Zakya POS desktop application and the Express Checkout app for Android and iOS. If the trial period has lapsed before you purchase the Standard subscription, you will be moved to the Free subscription automatically.

The Subscriptions


The Standard subscription of Zakya is designed to offer a complete POS solution to run your entire business. It comes packed with everything you need to setup your store, manage and track your inventory and seamlessly process unlimited POS transactions at your store with the help of applications for Windows, Android, and iOS. You can also setup the mobile store to help your customers place orders online.

Forever Free

If you own a small store and relatively new to a POS solution, you can make use of the Free plan to get started. You can start migrating your data and streamline your inventory management, purchases, and billing at the point of sale. As you get comfortable and based on your requirements, you can upgrade your subscription to the Standard plan of Zakya.

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Billing apps for your point of sale

Zakya POS Desktop app

This application can be installed on your Windows device at the store to enable faster selling at the point of sale. It is highly customizable and offers a simple user interface that makes it easy for the cashiers and store managers to adapt and use it with ease. The application can be integrated with various hardware peripherals such as printer, barcode scanner, weighing scale, pole display, and cash drawer. The app is also supported in 17 different languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, and so on.

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Express Checkout

This application is specifically designed for Android and iOS devices, with the sole purpose of speeding up the checkout process at the point of sale. It comes in handy during the rush hours at your store by allowing the salesperson to process billing right from their mobile phones, thereby avoiding a long queue of impatient customers at the point of sale.

Download for iOS and Android

Mobile Store

Expand sales beyond the walls of your store and take your product listing online with the help of the mobile store. Customize and personalize the content on your page online and enable customers to place orders from the comfort of their home.

Upgrading your subscription

Your subscription to Zakya can be upgraded from the free trial or the free plan whenever required.

To upgrade

  • Log in to Zakya and click the profile icon at the bottom-left corner of the window.
  • Click Upgrade under Subscription.
  • Choose Yearly or Monthly and click Upgrade.
  • Click Proceed.
  • Enter Billing Details.
  • Choose Credit Card, Debit Card/Netbanking, and click Proceed to Pay.
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