Introduction to Zakya

Zakya is a cloud-based modern POS solution that simplifies retail operations. It enables faster checkouts, streamlines order fulfillment, and offers real-time inventory management. With comprehensive sales analytics and customer relationship tools, it integrates seamlessly with Zoho and third-party services for efficient online selling and shipping.

Point of sale, or POS, is where the transaction takes place between the merchant and the customer to buy a product. Zakya is cloud-based POS software that offers a comprehensive POS solution for small retail stores to manage their day-to-day operations and unify the sales channels, whether in store, via mobile apps, or online. It also acts as a central component for your business where Inventory, Sales, and Customer Management coincides.

The sales process of a retail industry involves managing the inventory, sales, and customers.

For example, Zylker Retail sells various household products, food, and beverages. They procure items from various vendors to keep an ample amount of stock in place for the customers. This involves sending a purchase order to the vendors, managing bills, and monitoring the availability of stock to re-order when needed. They also manage the information about the customers to maintain a history of all the transactions that were made, the payment method, and more.

The supermarket is situated in Mumbai, where customers can pay a visit and purchase the items that they need. The checkout process by the cashier is managed with the help of the Zakya billing applications. A bill can be created, and the information about the customer can also be recorded.

They have also rebranded Zakya's mobile store for customers to purchase items right from their Android or iOS devices. By integrating online commerce with Zakya, Zylker was able to take their supermarket online, allowing the customers to place orders with ease.

The complete process of managing the inventory and selling items to customers has been simplified with the help of Zakya.

How Zakya can help retail stores?

Enable Faster Checkout

One of the main benefits of Zakya is that it can offer a faster checkout for customers. If there are long queues in the checkout counter, customers will get frustrated, put back the items that they intend to purchase, and walk out. In some cases, if the queue is long, customers will not even enter the shop and move on to another one. Various factors, such as a software failure, problems with the payment portal, or inability to identify an item due to errors in the SKU are all avoidable delays.

To ensure an uninterrupted billing at the point of sale, Zakya offers a desktop application which can be installed in any of your windows operating devices. It offers a user-friendly interface compatible with tablets or desktops and can be customized to your business needs. The software can be integrated with various hardware components such as barcode scanners, printers, cash drawers, weighing machines, pole displays and customer facing displays. It is also capable of processing the bills offline so that you don't have to stop selling for anything at all. Once the network connection is restored, the data can be synchronized with your web version. It is also multilingual, with 13 different languages available for you to choose from. You can also hold and recall bills, create a delivery or due bill, apply discounts and process payments either via cash or card. Also, all the operations have dedicated keyboard shortcuts which helps speed up the billing process.

Apart from the desktop application, you also have an Express Checkout application specifically designed for your Android or iOS devices. When the sales counters are held up, the sales representatives can use the mobile application to create a bill and process payment. They can also use the application to sell on the go.

With Zakya's mobile store, customers can place an order online and get the items delivered to their house with ease. This app can be completely rebranded to suit your business requirements, thereby establishing a brand identity with your customers. With a strong identity, they will remember your business, and are likely to refer it to others.

Order Fulfillment

Once the orders are placed by the customers, the ordered items need to be packed and shipped to the customer's delivery location to complete the fulfillment process. This is the key to ensuring customer retention. Delivering the items on time, with proper packages that do not get damaged while shipping is really important. Any error in this will bring down your company's reputation.

Zakya lets you create packages and ship them either manually or via carrier. You can also track the shipment using Aftership, manage returns and record refunds. With the help of SMS Notifications powered by Zakya, the customers can be informed about the status of their shipment. All these ensure that every step in the order fulfillment process is executed efficiently with happy customers.

Managing Inventory

Inventory management refers to the process of keeping track of all the items or products that you sell. It includes the items that you keep in your store, warehouse, etc. With Zakya, you can monitor your inventory in real time and manage the list of items, the stock on hand and reorder them whenever they are low. You can also manage the purchase orders that you send your vendor, bills and the payments made to the vendors. It also maintains a record of the cash-flow.

View Sales report and analytics

It's important to monitor various metrics in your business, such as inventory summary, product sales, stock summary, customer balances, and purchase order details. This provides a real-time snapshot of how your business is performing. It helps you identify which products the customer prefers and what venue they generate. This eliminates all the hours of manual work that needs to be done everyday, including calculating the revenue generated, adjusting the inventory, and gathering the stock details.

Managing customer information

It's important for businesses to attract new customers while also retaining the existing ones. The three most important aspects that drive a customer to your store would be; quality, quantity, and price.
Offering the best products with appropriate discounts will give customers a reason to choose you, over and over again.

Integrating with Zoho and other third party applications

Zakya can be integrated with Zoho Commerce, which helps set up the online store and synchronize the transactions and stock. Any change with respect to stock in Zakya will be automatically reflected in the online store (powered by Zoho Commerce).

Zoho Books, on the other hand, is an online accounting software and integrating it with Zakya will help manage your finances, keep you GST compliant and lets you automate various business workflows.

Various third party shipping channels, such as DHL Express and Aramex, can be integrated with Zakya, which helps create a shipment for your customers. These shipments can also be tracked by integrating with Aftership. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple applications for shipping and tracking. You can also integrate with Twilio to send automated reminders via SMS regarding invoices, payments made, and payment reminders.

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