Stay on top of your inventory

Make informed inventory decisions by viewing powerful reports that help you track your item quantities, product performances, product movement across locations, and inventory costs. Plan your future inventory purchases, identify seasonal product demands, and never understock or overstock.

Inventory summary

Get an overview of your stock levels along with metrics such as reorder point, quantity ordered, quantity in, quantity out, stock on hand, stock available for sale, and more for every item in your store and across branches. Get real-time visibility into product availability and gain complete control over your inventory.

FIFO cost lot tracking

Mange your inventory easily and find out the costs involved for your sold goods with the First-In, First-Out inventory tracking report. Maintain accurate financial reporting and ensure no old stock is left stagnant in your inventory, and your stock is sold in the order in which they were acquired.

Inventory aging summary

Categorize your items into different age groups based on when they were bought from suppliers and identify slow moving items as well as items that have expired and need to be moved out of your inventory. Based on this information, you can plan a sale or run discounts for old stock to optimize your inventory.

Warehouse report

Get a detailed view of the quantity of items in your warehouses and track their status in real time. You can view the stock on hand, committed stock, stock that's available for sale, and more for each of the warehouses to plan your item movement and item replenishment accordingly.

View a summary of your inventory

Analyze and improve sales performance

Optimize your sales process by viewing key performance metrics to learn which products are giving you the maximum sales. Plan your purchases based on this information and streamline your accounting process with accurate sales information.

Sales by item

Track the performance of individual products in your store. View the quantity sold for a particular item, the amount, and the average price that the item is sold for, and identify top-selling items to plan your sales and promotions accordingly.

Sales by customer

Track customer-wise sales for a selected period and note which customers are contributing to your overall sales to provide personalized offers to them. View the number of invoices generated by a customer over a select period and the total amount they have purchased and understand their buying behavior.

Sales by salesperson

Find out the top-performing salesperson across your stores and incentivize them to keep performing well. You can view the number of invoices generated by each salesperson, total sales done by the staff based on the amount, total credit amount provided by them, and more. Identify which of your staff requires training and set goals to achieve great results.

Order fulfillment by item

Track item-wise order fulfillment within all customer orders and optimize your order management process. This report is especially useful when you have online sales channels. Identify the quantity ordered for a particular item as well as cancelled and pending sales actions, such as "to be packed," "to be shipped," "to be delivered," and more.

View sales by item

Track payment receivables easily

Stay updated on pending customer payments, plan your collection efforts, and notify customers before the due date. Assess the creditworthiness of customers and get a clear picture of the cash flow of your business.

View customer balances report

Customer balances

01Identify the balances for every customer, assess the unused credit available for each, and determine the overall balance by deducting available credits for a selected period. Use this information to plan credit terms strategically, optimize collection efforts, and efficiently manage customer accounts.

View invoice details report

Invoice details

02Manage outstanding payments based on individual transactions by customers. View details such as the status (if the amount is paid, overdue, or pending), invoice date, due date, customer name, and more details to notify your customers regarding pending payments.

View sales order report

Sales order details

03View amounts receivable for your sales orders along with the date when the sales order was created, the payment status, sales order number, customer name, and amount for a selected date range to manage payments for your sales orders from different channels easily.

View receivable summary report

Receivable summary

04Track customer transactions and monitor payment statuses and the balances owed by each person easily. View the customer name, invoice number, transaction type, date of transaction, and total balance for a select period to gain valuable insights into customer accounts.

Easily track the amount payable to your vendors and customers

Maintain healthy relationships with your vendors by tracking the amounts you owe each of them. Keep track of payment due dates, get insights into pending payments, plan your expenses accordingly, and avoid late payments.

Vendor balances

Ensure timely vendor payments by viewing the outstanding balances against each of your vendors. Track details such as the bill balance, excess payments made, and the net balance to be paid to maintain accurate records of your payables.

Bill details

Track bill-wise balances owed to each of your vendors. View the vendor name, the bill date, due date, status of the payment if it is overdue, paid, or partially paid, bill number, and the balance amount to manage your payments effectively.

Vendor credit details

Track vendor-wise credit details for purchases in which items or products have been returned or refunded and use these credits for future purchases. View the vendor name, the date on which the credit was issued, the credit note associated with the vendor, the amount, and the balance amount after deducting the credit value to manage your finances easily.

Purchase order details

View the amount payable to your vendors according to purchase orders. View the purchase order number, the date on which the purchase order was created, the delivery date, the vendor name, the amount payable, and the status of the payment.

View vendor balances report

Gain actionable insights into your purchases

Track the purchase activities of your business and know which products are the most ordered. Analyze the costs involved for all your purchases, compare them with the items sold, and make informed decisions on your budgeting and future purchases.

Purchases by item

Gain insights into the purchase activity of individual items in your store. Track the quantity ordered, the total amount of the item, the average price of the item, the SKU details, and more. Be informed of the items that have been returned or adjusted and make appropriate changes to your inventory.

Purchase by category

Identify the item categories that are most purchased and the ones that are least purchased and plan your inventory management better. Spot seasonal trends by viewing the quantity and total value of purchases per category over different time periods and have the fast-moving ones stocked up.

Receive history

Monitor vendor performance by checking if all items are delivered on the agreed upon receive date. View the item quantity received for each purchase order, along with the vendor information, and track whether the order was partially or fully delivered.

View purchases by item report

Get insights into daily store activities

Keep track of all employee activities with your POS system and manage outgoing customer interactions easily from one place. Improve overall business performance by ensuring accountability for every activity and enhancing overall transparency.

Activity details

Track all user activities from your back-office tool. For example, you can check if a sales order was updated by any of your employees or if a payment was received for your in-store and online orders, along with the date and the time when these activities were carried out. Identify bottlenecks and discrepancies in your existing store processes and improve them easily.

System mail

Track all outgoing mailers from your business to your vendors and customers. You can see the date when they were sent, the subject, and the mail type to easily identify the important ones. You can also check if mailers were sent by mistake and track the overall effectiveness of your emails.

SMS notifications

View all SMS notifications that were sent to customers and vendors along with the date and the notification type, whether it was about payment or order status, and manage your communications effectively.

WhatsApp notifications

View all WhatsApp notifications triggered by your business to notify customers. View the customer to whom the notification was sent, the date in which the notification was sent, the status, message, and failure reason if any, and plan your WhatsApp messages better.

View activity details report