Announcing Zakya: The modern retail POS and a new brand from Zoho Corporation for India

By Jyothi Suresh27 February 2024

India, we're happy to introduce Zakya: the modern retail POS. Built specifically for small and mid-size retail businesses, Zakya provides businesses, with a powerful and modern retail POS to manage and run your end-to-end operations every day. We help you sell better, manage your entire business, and join the digital revolution in one hour or less–that's our promise.

We opened Zakya for early access over the last six months, and worked closely with different business types to understand their needs and identify gaps. Currently, 170+ early adopters are using Zakya for their everyday operations. Zakya is active in 320+ registers and has crossed more than 12 Lakhs in bills created.

From this experience, we found that retailers in India face challenges like complex implementation cycles, repeated new employee training due to churn, and a huge technology barrier keeping them locked out from taking advantage of technology. With Zakya, we are set to address these challenges by making sure retailers can be up and running within one hour of implementation. With that, and an easy-to-use application, Zakya eliminates the learning curve. Being a cloud and mobile-native application, Zakya breaks all technology barriers for retailers in India.

Large scale retail businesses have always had the upper hand in terms of software adoption, and with their large IT teams, they can focus on ecommerce expansion and embrace no-touch business models. Growing businesses, on the other hand, rely on walk-ins, work with smaller budgets, have low to no technology adoption, and are looking for ways to scale. With Zakya, we want to bring large scale retail convenience to growing stores like yours.

Here are some highlights of Zakya that we want to share with you.

POS billing app

Zakya comes with a front-end, desktop POS application to help your staff bill their customers in their own language, or a language they're most comfortable with, to help them physically check out from billing counters. Zakya supports 10 Indian languages, such as Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, and Gujarati, apart from English.

Note: The billing application is available for Windows, iOS, and Android.

Zakya helps you sell better through multiple channels, including in-store, online, and mobile

On top of a strong inventory management system, we built Zakya to function as a single solution to help you increase your in-store sales while also allowing you to extend beyond your physical store. With Zakya, you can create your digital and online presence and build a well-established website without the need of any extensive training. With our Mobile Store, you can share your store with customers to allow them to shop with you from the comfort of their homes; we enable you to increase the reach of one physical store multifold.


We're in a digital era where customers and businesses are typically cash-free. Zakya will allow you to accept payments through multiple ways and manage them all in one place. Customers can pay via cash, card, UPI, or even through a credit sale; they get more convenient payment options, and you can focus on customer satisfaction.

By integrating with payment terminals like Pine Labs, you can directly send the amount to be paid to the terminal. Once the customer pays for it, the sale is closed automatically. With this, the chances of human errors (like entering a wrong amount) are avoided, and the billing cycle becomes faster. With a dynamic QR code, a unique code can be generated for every sale. Once the user scans it and pays for it, the sale is closed automatically.

Zakya Mobile Store

The Mobile store helps you increase the reach of your business beyond your physical store. It will help bring the business to customers' phones. Customers will be able to buy from your store from the comfort of their homes. Customers can also choose to pick up their orders from the store, pay at the store, or get their order delivered to them.

The mobile store aims to offer an in-store and hyper-local shopping experience catered specifically to retail customers. With the Zakya mobile store, the power of one physical store can be multiplied multifold.


Connect your store's hardware, such as printers, weighing scales, customer pole displays, cash drawers, and barcode scanners, with Zakya to process transactions faster.

Ready-to-access business reports

Zakya's powerful reporting helps you see how your business is performing. Learn what items are top sellers, view your item aging summary to check which items are expiring sooner, and track your sales, inventory, receivables, payments, purchases, and more. Audit logs and user activity-related reports are also available.

Offline billing and faster checkout time

You will also be able to bill your customers when your internet connection is interrupted or down; data gets synced automatically to the main database once the internet connection is reestablished.

Zakya allows you to go one step further and handle festive rush or peak hours through a new-gen mobile billing experience. You can scan item barcodes via your mobile device's camera and bill your customers on the go. This helps you expedite billing and reduce overall checkout times.

Building Zakya from the ground up and opening it to all of India today has been an exciting journey. What started as a vision during the pandemic has now come to life, and we couldn't have asked for a better start to 2024. From today, Zakya is officially yours.

The whole team here at Zakya can't wait to hear how Zakya can add value to your business. Please try Zakya and share your feedback with us. We're committed to making your business successful. Here's to enabling every retail store in India to join the digital revolution.

Welcome to the modern retail POS!


  • Dennis KaranjaFebruary 28, 2024 at 5:06 PM

    Cannot Wait for Zakya to be available Internationally. I use Zoho One Global when can we see a release?

  • Sellvaraj Natarajan February 28, 2024 at 6:11 AM

    A Boon to small retailers.


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